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    Gun barrel 2, 4 spindle K series. Counter rotation standard, automation optional.

    Gun barrel gun drilling machine, two or four spindles


    The machine is specially designed to gun drill pellet mill die. It has total 4 CNC controlled horizontal gun drilling spindles as the most cost and efficient pellet mill die production machine. The trouble free roduction process is resulted in free failing chips from horizontal spindle design.

    Operation principle

    The work pieces need to be fixed on CNC indexing table, clamped by 3-jaw/4-jaw chuck.

    2*2 drilling spindles are oppositely mounted on the drilling slides.

    On each slide, the distance between 2 spindles can be adjusted.


    Siemens or Fanus.

    3/4-jaw chuck for work piece clamping.

    High-pressure coolant stupply with filter system.

    High precision indexing table.

    High effciency & power saving.